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I want to introduce a series of devotions on prevailing in prayer from the life of Hannah the mother of Samuel found in the first chapter of the book of 1 Samuel.


First, I want to define ‘prevailing prayer’ as that prayer activity that will not let go of God until He blesses the petitioner. There wonderful historical stories of that definition in action. There is the all night struggle of Jacob with the angel of God until the breaking of dawn which ended in a name and character change for Jacob. Also there is Abraham in his struggle to save his nephew Lot from Sodom and Gomorrah. The greatest is the all night battle in prayer when Jesus won salvation for us all in Gethsemane.


Hannah’s life of prayer is the introduction to the book that bears her son’s name. But is also the book that moves from the dark ages of the Judges to the enlightened age of the Prophets. Samuel's name is Hebrew for “asked of God”. What a change from the book of Judges where “everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”


The Spirit has made sure that we have her story so that we might see what I call the stages that Hannah went through to prevail to the blessing of God. One thing we know for sure that Prevailing in Prayer cannot be placed on a time line. It comes at some time in a petitioner’s life as a culmination to the great struggle to know God’s absolute answer and will on a climactic moment.


Hannah’s Prevailing Prayer grew from her need until she could not live without knowing definitely God’s to her dilemma. I see ‘7” stages in her progress of Prevailing Prayer. You may see less or more but to these '7' I will dedicate this devotional series to the God who challenges us to “prevail".


God has a level of prayer that has almost faded from present day faith. But there is a level of prayer that is open only to those who will “persevere”. It is not that God is unwilling to answer. It is that He is more desirous to develop sons and daughters like His glorious Son the only begotten Jesus our Lord and His Christ.


My prayer is that those of you who may follow this series will grow in your knowledge and love of Him who answers prayer.

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